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Introducing the only personal tracking app that lets you unlock new insights every time you unlock your phone.*

* Patent pending



    What do you want to track? Select from a library of multiple-choice questions in categories like mood, sleep, diet, and more.


    You decide when and how often you want your questions to appear on your phone’s lockscreen.


    To unlock the phone, just swipe your answer—it’s that simple! Answer dozens of questions a day with no extra steps.


    Want to answer a different question, or skip this one until later? No problem. Both are easy to do with a swipe of your lockscreen.

  • SAVE

    younlocked saves your answers and lets you learn from, analyze, and compare them over time.


    Check out our visualizations to see patterns, gain new insights, and understand what it all adds up to.


We’re constantly growing our library of personal tracking questions. Choose from hundreds of multiple-choice options in categories like mood, sleep, activity, diet, health, and more.



    Pick as many questions as you like from our library.


    You decide when and how often a question appears on your lockscreen.


    You can even turn a question into an alarm if you need to answer at a certain time.


    Just swipe to answer and unlock your phone—it’s that simple.

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Wondering what it all adds up to? younlocked visualizes your answers so you can see patterns, gain new insights, and use this knowledge to improve your life. Currently, the app includes four different visualizations: an overall breakdown of your data; a calendar that lets you see how you answered by date; a view of an average day’s answers; and an analysis of how you answered over time. The more you use the app and answer questions, the more the visualizations improve, leading to even deeper insights.

In future versions, we’ll add more ways for you to share, learn from, and compare your data.


Average Number Of Unlocks Per Person

  • 50


  • 350


  • 1525


  • 18250


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Tap 2, Inc.



1330 Boylston St., Suite 608

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


What’s different about younlocked?

Answering daily questions about your mood, health, behavior, and more can be incredibly useful and insightful. But it’s also time-consuming and usually involves a lot of extra steps. By giving you the opportunity to answer a question every time you unlock your phone—something we all do dozens of times a day—younlocked makes collecting this information quick, easy, and effortless. Plus we save and visualize your data over time, so you can understand what it all adds up to.

What kinds of things can I track?

It’s up to you! The hundreds of multiple-choice questions in our library cover all kinds of topics. Use younlocked to make sure you take your medication or vitamins at a certain time, then to monitor how the medication affects your mood or sleep patterns. younlocked can help you track your diet, monitor symptoms of an illness over time, understand how your energy levels change during a typical day, or measure progress toward goals like quitting smoking or exercising more. You can even track a family member such as a child or an elder.  In the coming months, we’ll add even more questions to our library, as well as the ability to create your own questions.

What if I need to get into my phone quickly and don’t feel like answering a question?

While answering a question is fast and easy, we want your results to be accurate and that does takes a second or two of thought.  So, we recognize that there will be times you need to get into your phone even quicker!  We have a large unlock area at the bottom of your screen that says “swipe up to skip and unlock”, so swipe this area up and you are in.

Will I still have a regular lockscreen on my phone?

Yes. Just like any other lockscreen, younlocked protects your phone from accidental use, yet still lets you receive calls and texts. It also prominently displays the time and weather. If you had a prior lockscreen, you will need to disable it in order to have only one lockscreen.  To do this, go into your devices settings, or you can use our experimental feature in the Account tab of the main app.

If you use a security feature, that will appear first, enter your information as you normally would, then the younlocked question will appear.

How do I use younlocked and/or modify settings?

We have created several instructional videos which you can access here.

Also, you can repeat the Tutorial slides by going to the Account tab, find the Help section and select Show Tutorial.

How many questions can I answer in a day?

As many as you want, as long as you keep unlocking your phone! We’ve found that the average user unlocks their phone about 50 times a day, but it can range anywhere from 20 to 200.

Where do my answers go? Are they secure?

Your data is stored on Tap2 Inc.’s Amazon Web Services account and is protected. We use Google’s authentication process to ensure that only you have access to your account before you start answering any questions. We don’t share your data with anyone unless you authorize another app to connect with younlocked. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

Can younlocked collect data from my other personal tracking devices?

Not yet, but we’re working on it! We plan to link younlocked to some of the top devices within the next few months.

What does beta test or beta version mean?

This is an entirely new way to collect self report… placing questions and answers directly on the lockscreen.  It is not a standard app, so we want to continue to work out the technical challenges before we call younlocked fully functional.  If you have any problems using the app, please let us know—it’s a work in progress, after all. We’re happy to help you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@younlocked.com.


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